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Who is Skwirk?

Skwirk is a resource for Teachers and Students currently used by more than 200,000 Students and 9,000 Teachers in over 800 Schools.

Is there a tutorial?

There is a teacher tutorial video available. You can find the tutorial by clicking here.

What is Skwirk’s Lesson Editor & how do I use it?

Skwirk’s lesson editor allows you to both create your own content as well as customise Skwirk’s content to suit your classroom. By utilising other resources on the internet, as well as Skwirk’s unique media content, this friendly-to-use platform allows you to easily create safe and engaging lessons for your class.

How do I assign Skwirk content to my Students?

Assigning content to students is really easy to do, simply click on the calendar icon that you can see next to the Gold Star. You will then see the option of choosing to assign to either individual students or whole classes; select who you want to see the lesson and then select the date you want the lesson to be seen - it’s that easy!

How can I use Skwirk to determine my Students progress and capabilities?

Skwirk has hundreds of pre-made assessment activities that are designed to measure Student progress throughout their academic journey, or you can create your own. Our brand new reporting tool then allows you easy access to results.

Is Skwirk suitable for students with learning difficulties? 

By using Skwirk you now have the ability to assign your Students work from different year groups. Do you need to have your Year 6’s doing Year 7 work? What about Students who are behind? Teachers can now assign this work over to their Students, when they want, and without the Students realising that the work is from another Year Level. You can even create lessons for individual Students!

Will Skwirk suit my classroom?

Skwirk can suit any classroom due to its flexibility. This allows you to get the most out of your Skwirk experience, no matter the setting.

Can I create my own Assessments?

Yes you can. You can even add YouTube videos, Google and other online images into both your Questions and Answers!

What are the features of the Lesson Editor?

There is a wealth of features within the Skwirk Lesson Editor which helps you to create engaging lessons for your class which include;

- Inserting YouTube: You now have the ability to access YouTube without all those distractions to your class, no banners and no “recommended” videos!

- Easy to use interface: Do you know how to use Word? What about Google Docs? Or Open Office? If you answered yes to even one of these, you will have no trouble at all with using the Skwirk Lesson Editor!

- Assessment Editor: Create your own assessments easily, great for NAPLAN preparation and tracking student progress.

- The ability to create lessons for whole classes or even Individual Students.

Is there a correct way to use Skwirk?

No there is not. Skwirk can be used in almost any educational setting, and in any way. Whether you are looking at Skwirk as an Individual Teacher, or looking to build interactive learning experiences for an entire year level, Skwirk is both relevant and easy to use.

How can I organise Skwirk so I don’t forget where I am up to?

You can organise your Skwirk by starring content at all different levels of the site. Whether this is entire topics or chapters, or all the way down to individual images, animations and videos.  This content can be accessed in an easy manner through your Skwirk Folder.

What is the difference between the Skwirk packages available for teachers?

Teacher License – allows access by stage purchased and the ability to display to students on the smartboard as well as edit and schedule lessons.

Class License - does everything the teachers licence does but also allows the allocation of work to the class, different groups within the class or individual students. Restricted to the class and teacher it was purchased for.

Full School License - the same as the class license but open to all teachers and students throughout the school. This is the most economical package and allows for different groupings across the student body.


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