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There are lots of things around the country and in our individual communities that make Australia special and unique. There are wonderful natural features, amazing built features and special heritage features. What are natural, built and heritage features? Let's have a look.

Natural features

A natural feature is something that was not created by people. It is something that happened naturally in the environment.

Natural features are things like Uluru (Ayres Rock) or the Daintree rainforest. People did not make these. We call these natural features because they are amazing things or places that occurred naturally. There are many more natural features in Australia.

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Natural features can be things like national parks, mountains, rainforests, islands, waterways and interesting rocks.

Animals can be natural features!

Animals native to Australia are not found in other countries, and they are natural features. Kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras and echidnas are native Australian animals.

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Watch the videos on the Kookaburra, Kangaroo and Koala

Built features of Australia

A built feature is something that has been created by people.

Built features are things like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Brisbane's Storey Bridge. They are not natural features because they were built by people.

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Built features can be things like bridges, buildings, statues, stadiums, towers and parks (if people developed them).

Heritage features

A heritage feature can be natural or built. Heritage features are places that are special to Australia and its people.

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Heritage features can be important Aboriginal sites. They can also be places where important events happened. Sometimes buildings that have been standing for a very long time become heritage features, too, because they show us what Australia was like many years ago.

Can you think of any heritage features close to where you live?

Do the word find, and search for the some of Australia's heritage features.

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