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Victoria and Tasmania


Victoria is one of the smallest States, but it has one of the highest amounts of people living there. The capital of Victoria is Melbourne.

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A river separates the State of Victoria from New South Wales. This is called the Murray River. It is part of the longest river in Australia!


  • The natural heritage feature, the Twelve Apostles, can be found in Victoria. The 'Apostles' are limestone stacks sticking up out of the sea just off the Port Campbell National Park. There are only eight still standing, but the name remains.
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  • Pentridge Gaol can also be found in Victoria. This feature was built in 1850. The prison was closed in 1997. While some of the prison has been demolished, the front gate and other sections are still there. 
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Did you know? The first Melbourne Cup horse race in Victoria was in held 1861. It is the only horse race to have its own public holiday!


Tasmania is Australia's only island State. The capital of Tasmania is Hobart.

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Mountains, rainforests, rivers, lakes, hills and rocky coastlines make Tasmania a very beautiful place.


  • Tasmania has 17 national parks. All of these parks are natural features and are protected by the government.
  • Tasman's Arch and the Devil's Kitchen are two amazing natural rock features on Tasmania's coast. These can be found on the Tasman Peninsula.
  • One of the most common carnivorous marsupial in Tasmania, is the Tasmanian Devil. Watch the video on the Tasmanian Devil

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Did you know? The original Aboriginal communities in Tasmania did not use boomerangs.
Did you know? Before it was called Tasmania, the island was known as Van Dieman's Land. In 1856 it was named Tasmania, after Abel Tasman.
Do the word find, and search for some of the places in Victoria and Tasmania.

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