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The Dreaming

The Dreaming, or Dreamtime, is when Indigenous Australians believe that everything on Earth was created. The Dreaming is very important to Indigenous people because it is the beginning of their history.

Dreaming stories are remembered because they have been told for thousands of years. Indigenous art often tells stories of the Dreaming.

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Dreaming stories are sometimes related to the landforms in Australia. One of the most famous stories is about the Rainbow Serpent.
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The Rainbow Serpent was a snake-like creature. Indigenous people believed the snake gave them all the water they had in Australia (rivers, creeks, lagoons, lakes, billabongs, rain, hail).
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The Rainbow Serpent is highly respected because it gives people water, which we need to survive. If the serpent is angered however, it will send things that are dangerous, like floods.
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Aboriginal people and the land

The land is very important to Indigenous Australians, and this is why they looked after it. They only took what was needed to survive, they were not greedy, and they did not waste things.

The land was very important because it gave food, but it was just as important because it connected Indigenous people to their ancestors.

The things that Australia's Indigenous people used the land for include:

  • food (animal meat, roots, flowers and berries)
  • water
  • shelter
  • tools
  • art supplies
  • body decorations

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