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Topic : The arrival of the British

In this topic you will learn...

The First Fleet: the process of colonisation

Image 1 - The First Fleet took seven months to reach Australia.

Image 2 - The First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay in January 1788.

Image 3 - The First Fleet moved to Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788.

Governor Phillip

Image 1 - Admiral Arthur Phillip

Image 2 - Bennelong was captured and became a 'friend' of Governor Phillip.

Image 3 - Bennelong Point was named after Bennelong.

Owning the land of Australia

Image 1 - Goat Island in Sydney Harbour was part of Bennelong's family territory.

Image 2 - Aboriginal groups lived in defined territories.

Image 3 - Europeans built fences to divide the land.

Experiences: disease

Image 1 - Crushed bulbs of the Onion Lily were used as a wash for infected skin.

Image 2 - Smallpox killed over half the Aboriginal population in some areas.

Image 3 - Disease destroyed the traditional way of life of many Aboriginal people.

Experiences: massacres and frontier wars

Image 1 - The opening up of Australia to the British settlers occurred after the Blue Mountains were crossed in 1813.

Image 2 - Aboriginal warriors used spears and other weapons in their battles with the British settlers.

Image 3 - Old Hornet Bank Station, Dawson River. Site of the 1857 Hornet Bank massacre.

Experiences: dispossession

Image 1 - There were many battles as the British settlers began occupying Aboriginal land.

Image 2 - Access to water was a major issue between Aboriginal peoples and British settlers.

Image 3 - Aboriginal people were often employed by British settlers as stockmen.

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