is an educational website providing syllabus-specific resources for school students in years 1 to 10. By logging on to Skwirk, teachers and students can find a wealth of information, including videos, games, animations and activities, related to the curriculum, all in one safe and engaging online environment.

Skwirk’s content focuses on the key learning areas of Maths, English, Science, HSIE, SOSE, Humanities, Civics & Citizenship, Geography, History and Commerce. Skwirk uniquely caters to various learning styles by providing textual, aural and visual content.

Hundreds of schools nationwide are benefiting from Skwirk’s unique features. It’s an exceptional resource for teachers facing competing priorities and demands on their time, as Skwirk’s content is structured in a comprehensible and user-friendly manner. Skwirk’s engaging content helps students revise topics and concepts taught in class and encourages them to take an interest in subjects they don’t particularly enjoy or may have difficulties with.

We offer various options for schools wishing to sign up to Skwirk:


Whole school packages (access for all students and teachers)


Teachers' package (access for all teachers in school)


Individual class packages


Small school packages (for schools with under 50 and under 100 students)

We offer all schools the opportunity to trial Skwirk.
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Pricing forms

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You can send us an email or call us on (02) 9438 3637.

“Our aim is to allow students to extend their digital experience outside the classroom and we believe that Skwirk offers this opportunity. Teachers have been able to use animations, learning objects and videos on interactive whiteboards, with students having access to those same resources both in class and at home. It is a great benefit to all those in our learning communities to have multimedia resources which are easy to access and bring engagement and extension into the classroom.”
Seamus O’Grady, Director of Curriculum, CEO Sydney

“I would like to compliment you on your HSIE topics as I have found them a very useful resource. Keep up the good work.”
FR, NSW teacher

“I have looked at your website and find that it is an extremely useful exciting and educational site for the children, particularly as it covers our curriculum.”
D Holden, NSW teacher

“I can’t stop raving about this site!”
NSW teacher

It is great to see an Australian education site related to our levels and units we are teaching. The units are
clearly set out and the kids enjoy the games and animations. It is a fun way to learn the curriculum.

The children love Skwirk and it teaches the curriculum in a colourful and interesting way for them. Well Done!!!

It's an amazing site that allows mundane tasks in education a little spark into both students’ and teachers’ days.
I really enjoyed the types of information, etc on hand.

A great resource, it saved me finding all the pictures for our HSIE work.

I LOVED it! So did my students. My school is in the process of organising a subscription. I used the geography section and look forward to using the history section next year. GREAT PICTURES and videos! I have also passed on the website to the maths and science co-ordinators and the Head of Teaching and Learning. This website is a terrific and valuable resource. Thank you!    Email   Ph 02 9438 3637   Fax 02 9438 3741